Lydia believes that exquisite design is all about the details: an unexpected stair baluster, that take-your-breath-away accent color, an elegant window covering. Combining those details defines your style and creates that feeling you call “home”.  Lydia possesses an uncanny ability to blend needs, functionality, budget and her client’s personality into her work.

Lydia Faulkner started her career in the most unlikely of places: a courtroom.  She practiced law in Northern California, representing countless major builders in construction defect litigation.  Armed with this experience and an insatiable need to create, she transitioned from her first project – a redesign of her firm’s law offices – into a new passion and, eventually, a new career.

For the past quarter century, Lydia has partnered with clients to bring their dream homes to life – whether new construction or remodeling.  Homes have ranged from small urban retreats to 11,000 square foot estates, each served by her unique ability to blend the wants and needs of her clients with the spaces and places they seek to create.  She enjoys every step of the process, from initial planning and conceptualization through to all the finishing details – choosing or rearranging furniture, selecting the perfect lighting or bathroom fixture, or identifying the perfect paint color to bring everything together.  Despite this breadth of experience and flexibility, however, Lydia’s goal remains simple: to make every builder understand the importance of including a walk-in pantry in the kitchen.