I am different than almost any other designer you will meet. I offer full scale design and construction consultation services. I do really small projects to full scale remodels and new construction. I have done something as simple as help a client pick a new light fixture for their dining room or choose a new paint color for a kitchen. I have even helped a client pick some new hardware for some drawers in a bathroom. But, I have also designed homes from the ground up for some of the finest custom home builders in southern Wisconsin, Portland, Oregon, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Northern California. Some of those homes have ranged in size from 6,000 to 11,000 square feet and I have managed those projects from conception to completion, from framing to drapery installation. I have built custom homes for clients and provided comprehensive design services for spec builders. I help people see what’s possible in a space, whether it’s rearranging furniture, putting together a new color scheme in their home or looking at a space to try and visualize what’s possible in renovation and remodeling. My global goal would be to convince every builder on the planet of the importance of including a walk-in pantry in a kitchen.

I have a much different billing model than most designers. I charge $120 per hour for my time, but I do not charge any kind of commission or markup on my product or supplies and that includes everything that I provide on a project. My clients receive the benefit of my wholesale pricing agreements. I can provide a client the best service if I am compensated for my time instead of trying to figure out how to cover my time with product markups. Most designers bill for their time and mark up their product, or they mark the product up ridiculously high so their time is adequately compensated. I have worked with so many builders, suppliers and homeowners over the years that I try to give the homeowner the very best value that I can. They are often the most neglected entity in the design process. I do not have contractual relationships with any supplier or subcontractor, binding me to their product line. I am always looking for the supplier or trade group that provides the best value and the best product and I always pass those savings on to my clients.