Kitchens - the heart center of a home. Where families and friends gather to cook, share a meal, download the contents of a day, a week, or a life. Kitchens provide foundation memories of holidays, birthdays, family gatherings, time spent together. Kitchens provide organization, warmth, conversation and task flow. In addition to junk drawers, calendaring and coffee making.


It's not just a place to brush your teeth. A bathroom is a place to unwind, relax, plan the day, contemplate, renew with the power of water, prepare for a night on the town. A bathroom can be a place of solitude and peace, a place to lock the door or the gathering place of 6 girls getting ready for prom. Lighting, storage, surfaces and water flow define it's ultimate functionality.


Brick, stucco, wood, stone and glass. Somehow these seemingly cold components are melded together and ultimately provide safety, comfort, peace, love, memory, pleasure, gathering places, preservation. A place you come from and a place you go to, but also a place you carry with you.


Defining design is all in the details. The perfect chandelier, exquisite window coverings, a great throw pillow, an unexpected stair baluster, take your breath away wall color. How you put all those details together defines your style and the place that you call home. A designer that listens carefully to a client can help create a vision for a space that blends the needs and the personality of that client.

"I couldn't have built this house without her"
- Peggy, Madison, WI